Experimental Rock composer and performer born in Puerto Rico, begins his musical career in 1988 on the underground Puerto Rican "rock en español" scene as guitarist for several Punk Rock acts.
In 1990 founds, along with survivors from this Punk Rock period, The infamous "Increíble Iglesia Atómica" (The Incredible Atomic Church), vehicle that uses to polish his own voice in the psychedelic genre and to experiment further deep into music. This band being part of the local rock "boom" of the nineties decade in Puerto Rico.
After an ambivalent career with "The Church" on the local scene, in 1998 jumps into the vanwagon of experimentation with fellow composer and anti-musician, F.J. Torres creating their debut on the genre entitled "Iconoclasta". In his own words
"...I am way far from being a musical virtuoso. As a matter of fact I don't even consider myself an accomplished musician. I am more a collector of sounds and melodies obsessed by the abstract possibilities of Rock itself..." In the year 2001 releases his first solo production entitled "Oxomorfosis"; a four movement psychedelic ambient piece. In 2002 Agustin Criollo finishes his latest musical work entitled "El Retorno del Sol de Nada" (The Return of the Sun of Nothing) were he experiments further into the many Rock genres that have affected his music style over the years. Amongst his future plans is to continue promoting and broadcasting his music using the Internet as his main and most effective tool and the official launch of his own Indie label / musicians info resource network; Icono Music Network, to release all of his catalog as well as from other related artists. There is also on the spectrum another collaboration with F.J. Torres and possibly with other local composers.

."Iconoclasta" (icono 001, 1999)

."Oxomorfosis" (icono 002, 2001)

."El Retorno de Sol de Nada" (icono 004, 2002)